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As a multi-disciplinary fashion design studio,
VINN PATARARIN has primarily based their
works on cutting-edge experimentation on
textiles and architecture with the core
questions of material and space.

In its more cohesive moments, fashion and textile design have confirmed that sensory stimulation can support the functioning of human bodies and minds to enhance the lived experience and the quality of life. Moreover, materials' textures can beneficially restore the sensation of human bodies and the muscles of arms and hand, especially for stroke patients.

Globally, over 110 million people have reached epidemic proportions, where 1 in 4 adults over 25 years old may experience a stroke in their lifetime, which causes illnesses or physical conditions that can affect their daily lives, such as paralysis or balancing problems. The role of fashion design, thus, was examined in developing a procedure of therapeutic dressing for activities of daily living (ADLs) of stroke patients.

In Thailand, stroke is the third leading cause of death after
cancer and heart disease, with approximately 250,000 new cases yearly, while about 30% of patients develop paralysis.

Therefore, awareness of

stroke should be raised in

the social context to reduce

risks and promote functional

rehabilitation to primarily

support their daily activities

and independence.

By experimenting and

developing the sensory

tools, various textures,

materials, and methods

were designed through

observation and discussion

with stroke patients and

medical professionals.

web medical-04.jpg

In addition, the pilot project

aims to validate the results

and expand possibilities to

other products, such as

apparel and everyday

items, and to engage with

different target groups of

brain disabilities, such as

people with autism and


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